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The SImmetry

True SI Joint Arthrodesis

The SImmetry® system follows all accepted orthopedic spine principles designed to ensure optimal patient outcomes. The proprietary SImmetry Decorticator allows you to prepare the articular region of the SI joint, while other instruments facilitate collection of autologous bone, insertion of bone graft and placement of implants—in other words, a true arthrodesis.

Only the SImmetry system provides:

Minimally invasive access to the SI joint under fluoroscopic guidance. The SImmetry system provides safe passage of instruments and implants through soft tissue.

Proper site preparation, including cartilage removal and decortication with the SImmetry Decorticator, promotes true intra-articular fusion.

Precise bone graft placement via grafting instruments that are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of bone graft materials, enabling you to mix harvested autologous bone with graft and deliver them to the prepared joint.

Controlled, anatomically driven implantation of the SImmetry construct is possible due to threaded design and over-the-wire insertion, allowing trajectories to be adapted to patient anatomy and reducing the likelihood of SI joint distraction or nerve impingement.

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Benefits of the SImmetry SI Joint Fusion System

Minimally invasive surgery using SImmetry® typically takes an hour to perform, has fewer post-operative complications than open surgery and involves:

  • General anesthesia
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Small incisions—typically only a few centimeters—on the side of the buttock
  • Little to no disruption of critical muscle and ligaments stabilizing the SI joint
  • Brief hospital stay
  • Short limited weight bearing recovery period
  • True SI joint arthrodesis

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Clinical Trials