The SI joint is the joint where the lumbar spine meets the pelvis. It is a very complex joint that’s held together by a lot of ligaments and oftentimes these ligaments can become inflamed or lax resulting in SI dysfunction, which can result in SI pain or sacroiliac pain. Patients will often come in saying that they have pain in their lower lumbar spine, which is off to one side or the other. Sometimes the pain can radiate into a patients groin or into the back part of the leg or thigh. This type of pain that emanates from the SI joint can be replicated if a patient is sitting on a hard surface or chair. Also patients may have the ability to replicate their pain if they are laying on one side or the other. So if a patient is sleeping in bed they will come into clinics saying that they can’t sleep on their left side or right side because it hurts a lot. Sometimes patients will come in pointing to a very specific part of their lumbar spine off to one side which is over their SI joint which they character as buttock pain and this is actually pain originating from the SI joint which may be caused by SI joint dysfunction.