What is SI Joint Dysfunction? – Learn about the Sacroiliac joint, where in your body it is located and what to do if you suspect you are suffering from SI Joint Dysfunction.

What can be done? – Find out more about the various SI joint pain relief options for people suffering from the effects of a problem with the SI joint.

What happens during SI joint fusion surgery? – Wondering about SI joint fusion surgery? Learn all about what happens during an SI joint fusion procedure.

What should I expect after SI joint fusion surgery? – SI joint fusion recovery is an important step in the healing process after surgery. Learn about it here.

How do I know if I have SI joint pain? – Doctors use a checklist of specific low back pain criteria to diagnose SI joint pain. Learn about it here.

What are the causes of low back pain on one side? – Low back pain on one side of the body can have a number of causes. Learn about them here.

What is the difference between SI joint dysfunction and SI joint inflammation? – SI joint dysfunction and SI joint inflammation can both cause SI joint pain, but they mean different things. Learn about them here.

Can pregnancy cause SI joint dysfunction? – Learn about what happens to the SI joint during pregnancy and where to turn for help if there’s a problem.

What is true SI joint arthrodesis? – Learn more about true SI joint fusion and why it’s important to achieving the best chance at relief.

As with any type of medical advice, always talk to your doctor for answers to specific questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, or you would like to be put in touch with a physician trained in performing minimally invasive SI joint fusion surgery using the SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System, please visit our Find a Doctor page or contact our SI Joint Support Line at 855-374-6050.